for intense, sensitive & complex minds 

What clients say

The 2 hour assessment with Fabienne flew by. She is easy to talk to, warm, and she operates very intentional; from the way she phrases her questions to the reflections she shares. She is considerate and thoughtful.
The assessment is build up in such a way that you not only gain insight in your intelligence profile, but also the areas where you can continue to learn. I loved the validation, and I’m looking forward to work more within the Intergifted community.

Marinca H., Netherlands

Right when we started the assessement, Fabienne asked me what I wanted to get out of this session, as I already seemed to know a lot about my giftedness and overexcitabilities. My goal obviously was to learn even more, but much more to get confirmation on my own findings and beliefs about myself. And both I did!
Not only did Fabienne confirm that I was gifted and put a whole framework around this. She also showed me steps to go forward from here, and pointed to some additional findings like possible trauma and ASD that explained so much.
I have to say that I felt seen in a way I had rarely been seen in my life. I am taking with me a new self-confidence, some ideas for the future on how to proceed and tools to explain and overcome some of the residues of the past. This is huge, Fabienne. Thanks.

Ralph Rickenbach, Switzerland

Before I met Fabienne, I was not aware of many things. I hardly knew my gifted/very sensitive and neurodiverse side, which I kept ignoring out of habit, ignorance, insecurity. The work with Fabienne addressed exactly this part of my inner being, which remained hidden for a long time and needs support in 'coming out' and growing, building up self-esteem. This has strengthened me on many levels, especially because in Fabienne I found someone who could be a mirror to myself - to my needs, perceptions. I felt heard and supported and I knew, I am not alone in my path finding myself. I experience Fabienne as very dedicated, focused and listening, she understands very well from her own experience how complex and different one's own perception can be and she has encouraged me to pursue this.

Jeanne Lorin, Germany

The assessment session with Fabienne was a true eye opener, and after this it feels like things are starting to fall into place. I have read countless self help books, tried yoga and meditation but could never really find the reason as to why I always felt out of place. The session made me realize that the positive effects of being gifted greatly outweigh the negative ones, and that I have the potential to achieve amazing things!
Instead of blaming myself for being different I now appreciate seeing the world from a different angle (or rather from different angles) and am eager to continue with further coaching.

M.K., Switzerland

I came to coaching with a big need to find a meaningful career. I was certain that when somebody finally could see what was inside of “me”, they would request immediately that I use my gifts to help others in "important" ways, and would want to help me get on the right track for that. What I learned working with Fabienne is that any belt that feels too tight is not where I belong. And that I have a unique way of being of service that first and foremostly supports my joy and my health. I used the material that came up in our sessions to think creatively and to get in touch with what is most meaningful to me, and came out the other side with a very clear idea of what that is. I took a huge step towards undoing the need to prove myself, because after realizing what works for me and brings me joy, I find myself not doing all the rest of things I had put in the way of myself.

Marta D., US