Working together

To be able to do my work sustainably, I have adopted an approach of reciprocity in my services and with my clients. Thank you for taking a moment and reading through the following information. You taking the time to do so, means I have more actual client-time and can be beneficial with my offerings.

   -> getting in touch
Thank you in advance for sharing some background about yourself when you first get in contact with me. By providing me with your name, where you currently live and your time zone, a brief summary about yourself and your giftedness / 2e discovery and integration journey so far, we’ll get to the core of possibly working together in a much quicker and lighter way. Please note that I only respond to considered requests, which offer the background information I've detailed above.

   -> (in-between) sessions
Sessions are held over Zoom. I’ll send you a reoccurring Zoom link prior to our (first) meeting. Recording is not allowed. I’ll make sure, however, that there is enough time for you to take notes, particularly during our live assessment-time together.
At times, coaching sessions and assessments leave a client with new though streams, freed emotions or (reawakened) questions. Due to the volume of emails I receive, I won’t be able to answer your emails in-between sessions, unless we have made a prior agreement for this. Please collect your thoughts and questions, write them down, and bring them to your next session so that we can discuss them together in the context of our coaching conversation.

  -> language
My first language is German, though I primarily work in English. Please keep this in mind when receiving and interpreting my services and communication.

  -> cancellation policy
If you need to reschedule or cancel your coaching or orienting session, please do so at the latest 72 hours prior to meeting, otherwise I’ll fully charge your time booked unless you have an emergency.
Please note that InterGifted does not generally offer re-scheduling or refunding for an assessment. Thank you.

   -> prices and financial logistics:

Assessment: CHF 700.00

Integration Coaching: one session CHF 200.00 per hour, subsequent sessions CHF 175.00 per hour; a session typically lasts between 60 to 90 minutes

Giftedness Coaching: a single session CHF 200.00; for a coaching process that involves more than one session, any subsequent session CHF 175.00 per hour; a session typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes

Biography Coaching: a recommended minimum of six sessions at CHF 175.00 per hour-long  session

Mentoring: a single session CHF 210.00; for ongoing sessions CHF 185.00 per hour

At the moment I am unfortunately not in the position to offer discounts.

My services are generally not covered by insurances. If you need an invoice to be reimbursed by your employer or any one else contributing towards your fee, please let me know.

Payment is done via Wise or PayPal internationally or by bank transfer in Europe. Assessments will need to be paid at the time of booking, whereas coaching services can be paid upon receipt of invoice.

Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring
for the gifted & twice-exceptional