Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Coaching

I offer support for the intense, asynchronous, and highly sensitive gifted minds to emerge, integrate and self-actualise. Throughout our coaching journey, I can assist you in understanding, accepting and validating your unique gifted or twice- / multi-exceptional mind. We’ll look at identifying your special traits and practical methods to integrate the sensitivities and intensities of your complex mind; to help you build a life that is meaningful to you and best reflects your values.

Here you can learn more about the different coaching modalities I offer and what to do if you don't know which coaching might benefit you most.

Qualitative Giftedness Assessment

My services include qualitative assessments for gifted and twice- / multi-exceptional adults through InterGifted. An assessments is designed for the client to learn more about:

-- whether and where they are on the giftedness scale

-- what shows as the main areas of intelligence and how do those areas interact / interfere

-- how trauma, upbringing and cultural environments factor in 

Here you can learn more about the assessment process, who can benefit most, scheduling and costs.


Gifted Autistic Mentoring Program

I am happy to announce the arrival of the new individualized mentoring program for gifted autistic adults who aim to deepen their self-knowledge and explore their self-leadership skills as a neurodivergent individual. This program is created with and facilitated through InterGifted. It is designed to encourage gifted autistic people to innovate by applying their unique way of seeing and experiencing the world. It’s all about how the strengths and challenges of giftedness and autism provide unique opportunities for growth, expression, meaning-making and connection with yourself and others.

You'll find a detailed description and all about costs and logistics here.

Gifted Autistic Women's Group

Join six of your gifted and autistic female peers for two hours online every month for six months to share, discuss and explore various themes related to life as a gifted and autistic woman - all with the aim of giving and receiving support and peer mirroring related to your life as a gifted/autistic woman, and exploring and experimenting with ways to thrive with your particular neurocognitive makeup.

The Gifted Autistic Women’s Peer Discussion Group provides an empowering and generative space for women to come together and support each other in their self-discovery journey. 

The Gifted Autistic Women’s Group is created with and facilitated through InterGifted. Find out more

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