for intense, sensitive & complex minds 


I offer support for the intense and asynchronous, highly sensitive gifted minds to emerge, integrate and self-actualise. Throughout our coaching journey, I can assist you in understanding, accepting and validating your unique gifted or twice- / multi-exceptional mind. We’ll look at identifying your special traits and practical methods to integrate the sensitivities and intensities of your complex mind; to help you build a life that is meaningful to you and best reflects your values.

I work with gifted or twice- / multi-exceptional adults and I help parents to better understand their gifted, 2e / me children and how they can support their kids to navigate challenges in school and life. You can learn more about my work with gifted or twice- / multi-exceptional families here.

Most of my coaching is done online. I work with clients from all over the world, in English and German. Usually, a coaching session takes 60 to 90 minutes and costs CHF 150 per hour.