Qualitative Assessments

The qualitative assessment looks at giftedness based on cognitive, thought, emotional and other patterns of awareness. My work is based on the holistic model of giftedness developed by InterGifted's founder Jennifer Harvey Sallin, which you can learn more about here.

A qualitative assessment is beneficial for your self-understanding and unlocks doors for legitimizing, accepting, and empowering yourself on your self-awareness journey. It takes a full-picture look at your unique profile including:

-- whether and where you are on the giftedness scale

-- what shows as the main areas of intelligence and how do those areas interact / interfere

-- any possible twice- or multi-exceptionalities

-- any overexcitabilities in your profile

-- how trauma, upbringing and cultural environments factor in

Here you can learn more about the assessment process, who can benefit most, scheduling and costs.


Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring
for the gifted & twice-exceptional